The Blogosphere

Under Construction…  I will be listing the blogs I enjoy reading.  For now, I will just list the five blogs I read most regularly (and will supply others on a rolling basis):

3 responses to “The Blogosphere

  1. Thanks very much for this plug, as well as for your Amazon review of my book “On the Matter of Life.” I’ve been meaning to work on a second edition, since the first was published in a bit of a rush without a thorough enough editing process. If you’re interested in reviewing any of my other books, let me know and I’ll send you the PDFs (so you don’t have to purchase them). I’m especially interested in feedback on my book on Whitehead’s relevance to contemporary scientific cosmology.

    • No problem, Matt. I am going to review your book on Whitehead. I just finished “Process and Reality,” and there is a bunch of secondary literature I want to get to, but it will be a little while. I will most assuredly get to your book, before long.

  2. What a kind notice. And such excellent company to be in. Many thanks.

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