3rd Annual Brian Bolton 2012 Essay Contest Submission

It is doubtful that I will ever again, in anyway, come close to touching upon the topic of religion, on this blog.  That a virtually endless tome would need to be written to properly convey my views —and still not surfeit— is certain.  (My approach to understanding religion is much more from the perspective of understanding the human condition throughout history.)  The essay I offer, here, is not oriented toward religion proper, so keep that in mind.  The subject of the essay is religious institutions.  As much as I will tend to avoid discussions on religion on this blog, institutions are open game.  Moreover, I treat religious institutions and their activities, just as I would if they were banks —and, in fact, all of the ones I have ever been familiar with have been banks, inefficient ones at that, whereof much money is given, little returned, and, like the bankers, its officials are well sartorially endowed.  At any rate, the attached is my entry to the 3rd Annual Brian Bolton Essay Competition essay competition.

In general, please do not leave comments that wander from the paper topic, because they will not make it to the discussion board.  Comments on the function of religious institutions or the relationship of individuals to it (sociological, psychological, and so) are welcome.

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