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General Services:

David is receptive to speaking engagements and the editing of volumes, and writing opportunities such as book introductions, chapter commentaries, etc.  I have done content advising for books either touching upon history and philosophy of science, or that are in within that genre.

Chess Coaching Services:

Proven Training Method (see my USCF graph!)


(Right click on the image and click “open in new tab” to see the full-size image.)

I coach adults and youth.  As a consequence of my pedagogical training in many fields, I have developed effective teaching techniques and programs for both adults and youth, independently, because they learn differently and at different rates.  For instance, children learn holistically and intuitively, while adults learn analytically.

I can help develop personalized plans for adults, such as those I developed for myself, which took me from just starting and a player of strength around 1000 to 1600+ in two years.  As an adult who has only learned chess at 25, my USCF graph is evidence that I know how to construct training plans to move an adult player up the ranks effectively.  Training smart is much more important than training hard(!); but training smart, in addition to training hard (and having fun), will maximize results.  For youths, especially very young players, I am knowledgeable about the Russian School’s method of teaching chess; and I emphasize fun and competitive fire, in all cases.

Ideally, I teach students who are completely new and unrated to 1200 (USCF), but I can teach up to 1600 (USCF/FIDE), keeping in mind that these ratings are much stronger than equivalent internet chess ratings (1200 USCF >>> 1200 in strength).

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Particular services are listed below.  (All values are in American dollars.)  Let me know if you pay annual dues to the USCF or are an annual paid member to a physical chess club for further discounts.  Group rates are available.

  • 1-hour coaching session via Skype: $50

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  1. It looks great! You’ve established the pure intuitions, now fill them in with pure concepts.

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