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Some First Impressions of “Being and Time” and a Few Suggestions for Studying It

I took quite a while in going through Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit (Being and Time).  Part of the reason was to give time to digest it, but another part was that Heidegger’s approach can make the head ache.  In particular, the language, which is often noted for its difficulty, whether one is reading it in English or German, is very cumbersome and makes for slow reading.  I think that a second reading of the text would go much more smoothly than the first, and, more than likely, two readings is necessary for the task of getting a grip of Heidegger’s ideas.  In the second part of this blog, I’ll give some suggestions for how one might make Heidegger more approachable and easier to understand, though it still requires one’s willingness to be highly involved with the text.  Continue reading

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